On the Road With Sarah Palin in Leesburg, Va.

Whispers goes on the trail with the Republican VP candidate.

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Washington Whispers is on the road with Sarah Palin today and will be sending dispatches all morning. I first caught her at her rally in Leesburg, Va.

To get to the rally, we had to walk one-fourth mile in the woods.

The crowd at the Leesburg rally included "Proud Rednecks for McCain-Palin."

Palin's pink parade

She's in there somewhere. Can you find Palin in the crowd? Here the crowd cheered, "Use your brain, vote McCain," to which Palin said "You betcha! That's good." And in introducing "Tito the Builder" and "Jack the Hunter," she also ripped "Barack the Wealth Spreader" to about 10,000.