Hillary Clinton for Obama's Secretary of State or Defense Head

Democrats are already talking about installing Clinton in a Barack Obama cabinet.


Are Hillary Clinton's days in the Senate over? Some Democrats are pushing for her to take a top cabinet post in an Obama administration. Former Bill Clinton pollster Stan Greenberg even has a couple of ideas. "I think she'd be great in the cabinet," he says. Greenberg's choices: "secretary of defense, secretary of state."

It's no joke. Many Democrats want her to play a prominent role in an Obama administration and skip out on the Senate, where she won't have a major leadership role. And neither cabinet post is too high for Clinton. We hear that many generals and admirals in the Pentagon admire Clinton, especially for her pro-military actions after 9/11. And she's traveled the world, first as Bill Clinton's ambassador and then as a concerned senator.

As for the rumors of a U.S. Supreme Court position, that might be harder for Senate Republicans to take.