McCain's Campaign Is More Modest Than Obama's in Fashion

The McCain campaign takes the candidate's modesty to an extreme: hiding the "McCain" label on neckwear.

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If you're still looking for distinctions between the Obama and McCain camps, consider their campaign neckwear. At a recent New York City debate between the two candidates' economic advisers, Obama's man, Austan Goolsbee, wore a blue silk necktie with a subtle "neat" pattern—which on closer inspection turned out to be the phrase "Obama '08" repeated multiple times, like a subliminal message. His opponent, McCain adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin, wore a conservative, law-and-order number: red with small white stars. When asked whether there was any official McCain neckwear, Holtz-Eakin flipped over his tie to reveal a "McCain" label on the inside. Why not advertise the candidate on the front of the tie? "We're a more modest crowd," Holtz-Eakin quipped to our Rick Newman.