Pollster Zogby: McCain’s Attack Ads Aren’t Working on Voters

Zogby tells us that the McCain campaign’s attacks on Obama’s past aren’t cutting it with voters.


His polls have been among the most favorable to Sen. John McCain, but pollster John Zogby doesn’t see the Republican’s latest assault on Sen. Barack Obama’s past friends as a winner on Election Day. Talking to Whispers while on a book tour to promote his latest, The Way We’ll Be, Zogby said that McCain should get back on message and off his campaign’s latest hot-button issue: slamming Obama for long-ago ties to a Weather Underground radical, Bill Ayers. “McCain is off message, and this Bill Ayers stuff, it just doesn’t cut it with people, not with their pocketbooks looking the way they are. Nobody cares about this stuff,” said Zogby, whose latest poll had Obama up, 47-45, against McCain. He also stated what’s fast becoming conventional wisdom: that only an Obama stumble can stop the Democrat from becoming the first black to win the presidency. “It’s entirely up to Obama from here on in,” Zogby told Whispers.