The Media Babes of Foggy Bottom

The State Department has a female-heavy press corps.

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It's not as if they're going to pose for a "Girls of Foggy Bottom" Playboy spread, but the female-heavy press corps of the State Department is relishing its girlness nonetheless. Some 11 major news organizations have women covering Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice the highest number ever.

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"The majority of correspondents at the State Department are women," cheers CNN's Zain Verjee. And that's led her and others to dub their girl squad "Diplobabes." Says Verjee: "It's a fun, lighthearted way of referring to ourselves"—and their outings, such as a recent U.N. gathering. "For instance," she says, "in New York, we planned a 'diplobabe' dinner one night." The AP's Anne Gearan says she and the female reporters for Reuters and AFP call each other the "Three Graces."