Sarah Palin's Wasilla Is Home to the Iditarod

The annual dog-sled race's headquarters is in Palin's hometown.

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Fans of Sarah Palin are fast learning about her days playing basketball for Wasilla High and her time as the town's mayor. Well, get this: The town is known for something much more important. The Iditarod Trail Committee, which hosts the annual dog-sled race, is headquartered there. From their website is this address:

Iditarod Trail Committee

P.O. Box 870800
Wasilla , AK 99687 What's more, the site displays the temperature in Wasilla, which runs about 50 degrees this time of year. Here at Whispers, we're big fans of the race and figure that if John McCain is elected, the 2009 race might have a very special VIP pulling the starting gun's trigger on March 7 in Anchorage.