House Republicans: No Bailout Until After Election Day

GOP-ers who rejected the bill are happy with their vote and see nothing that would make them switch.

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A growing number of Republicans who rejected the president's $700 billion bank bailout have a morning-after message for the White House: Go away until after Election Day. That's right, some of those who junked the plan to rescue bankers who went to the edge and further to dole out loans say there's nothing that will make them switch their vote just a month before the election. "The guys who voted 'no' are happy today," a key source tells me. "They are happy they fulfilled their voters' desire against a federal bailout." And those who had a green light before their names in the House chamber? "They are continuing to get pounded."

So what is the nay-voters' suggestion to the GOP leadership, already under attack by conservative members for forcing the vote? Put it off. "A few are now thinking that no legislation may pass prior to the election," says my insider. "Let the markets fumble along. We cannot see at this moment any movement by voters that they would tell their members who voted 'no' to change their vote to 'yes.' "

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