The Prince of Darkness, Robert Novak, and The Case Against Barack Obama

At David Freddoso's book party, his mentor, Novak, made an appearance.

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Behind every New York Times bestselling author there is usually a great mentor. And for David Freddoso, author of the bestselling and controversial book The Case Against Barack Obama , that mentor is the Prince of Darkness himself, columnist Robert Novak. Freddoso worked for Novak for three years, and the two have remained close. So close in fact that Novak, who has been suffering from a brain tumor, came out to Freddoso's book party last night in Washington. Novak, now using a wheelchair, made a brief guest appearance with his wife and was in seemingly good spirits. He was greeted enthusiastically by the mostly conservative crowd, including our own Michael Barone.

Freddoso, a political reporter for the conservative National Review Online, called Novak "an amazing reporter and a great man" and thanked him for his solid advice over the years. While he was of course concerned for his mentor's health, he told our Nikki Schwab that Novak's "a machine."

"If anyone can survive this he can," Freddoso says.