Whispers Voters Like Obama in a Suit

In our poll, you chose the newer Obama bobble.

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The votes are in, and the new bobblehead of Sen. Barack Obama stole the show. We asked you which of our two bobbleheads you liked the best: the original Obama bobble, with him wearing a casual white shirt, or the new one of Obama dressed smartly in a suit. At last count, the new Obama was ahead 88 to 12 percent. That's a blowout by anyone's standard and certainly a model the Obamacans want for the election. Like the original, the new bobble is made by WeBobble.com, which has the bobble on sale on its website. They sold out of the original, made exclusively for Whispers' 2008 campaign coverage, and the newer one is on the way to an even faster sellout.

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