The Jokester: James Carville Hits McCain for His Age, Selection of Palin

The Rajun' Cajun who made Bill Clinton has a collection of one-liners.


If politics doesn't work out, James Carville, the Rajun' Cajun who made Bill Clinton, could have a career in comedy. Our Suzi Parker attended his one-liner-thon this week at Little Rock's Philander Smith College. It's a popular spot for all sorts of speakers ranging from the Rev. Al Sharpton to Ann Coulter. Instead of writing a story sprinkled with his one-liners, here they are as Suzi filed them:

—"Ann Coulter made history. She was the first speaker to arrive on a broom."

—On the school's founding in 1877: "That's was only 10 years before John McCain was born."

—On the Sarah Palin-Charles Gibson interview: "Charlie Gibson spent more time interviewing her than John McCain did."

—On Fred Thompson, Carville said he was the only presidential candidate in history "who tested positive for Ambien."

—Also on Thompson, Carville said that he was such a supporter of the No Child Left Behind program that "he married one."

—And he tied John McCain's age to those campaign ads about making decisions at 3 a.m. "I know darn good what John McCain will be doing at 3 in the morning. He's looking for the bathroom."