Tribute to America's Best: Veterans of the Berlin Airlift

A concert will honor the veterans of the humanitarian mission.


Many are gone, but they are not forgotten. The veterans of the heroic Berlin Airlift, a massive operation to bring humanitarian supplies to postwar Berlin during a Soviet blockade, will be honored 60 years after the fact with a free Veterans Day concert in Washington. Many of the aging U.S. and European veterans of the airlift are to be brought to Berlin next May to mark the successful conclusion of the historic operation. This November 11, at St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington, veterans, their families, and others will also be feted at a concert of the Washington National Opera Orchestra. A group called the Berlin Airlift Diamond Jubilee Committee is organizing the concert and raising money to send vets to Berlin next year. The entertainment list for the event includes the Choral Arts Society of Washington and the new Universal Remembrance Orchestra under the baton of Norm Scribner, artistic director of the Choral Arts Society. The orchestra is composed of players from military bands and nationally known orchestras.

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