Kyl: The Smart Money is on Busch for NASCAR Sprint Cup

The presidency isn't the only race Washingtonians are watching.


The race for the presidency isn't the only thing on the mind of many Washington insiders. Some are even more gripped by the chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, which ends about two weeks after Election Day. "I can't wait," says Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona's other Republican senator, who's dubbed "Mr. NASCAR." Ask him who will win the cup, and he's much more cautious on that than with his easy prediction that Sen. John McCain will win the election. "I think the smart money would have to be on Kyle Busch, but [Carl] Edwards is hot right now. And I don't think you ever count out the current champ, Jimmy Johnson, " he says. And, he adds, "look at the guys right behind them, [Dale] Earnhardt Jr., [Jeff] Gordon, [Jeff] Burton, [Tony] Stewart. Would you bet against any of those guys?"