Generation We's Apollo Project

Wanna nab the millennial vote? Try creating a new energy department with a sole task: inventing the next best energy source.


Some call the 95 million Americans ages 18 to 29 millennials. But after studying their interests and uncovering their desire to better the nation, entrepreneur Eric Greenberg came up with what he thinks is a better name: generation we. "They are not a 'me' generation; they are the 'we' generation," he says. "They are about the greater good," he adds, noting that they're really jazzed up about the environment and the energy crisis. Armed with his huge study, he's urging both presidential campaigns to focus on one mega-idea the kids endorsed: an Apollo-style approach to the energy crisis. His plan is to create a department of new energy and give it $30 billion to $40 billion a year to invent the next best energy source. And put a 15-year cap on the department's life. "They need votes, and 70 percent of gen we-ers want this," says Greenberg, an Obama backer eager for either campaign to adopt his plan.