Chuck Norris and Black Belt Patriotism

In a new book, the Walker, Texas Ranger star offers some political solutions--like limiting House members and starting a populist party.

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Actor Chuck Norris, star of Walker, Texas Ranger, martial arts pro, and spokesman for Total Gym infomercials, appears to be moving deeper into politics. Long a fixture in GOP circles, he was Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's wingman during the primaries. And now he's releasing his first political book, Black Belt Patriotism, an eight-point plan to get the nation back on track based on the teachings of the Founding Fathers. So, is he the next Jesse Ventura or Ronald Reagan? "I couldn't be a politician," he laughs during an interview. And not just because of the media. "Even if I was in Congress or the Senate, I'm one of 100 or 435. How can you get anything done?" His solution: cut House members to one or two per state so there is greater accountability. And start a populist party. His book cites major problems that need the Walker treatment. The biggest: American debt. Next: greed in government. He has hope, though, in kids. "They are more concerned about social issues than trying to make a buck."