St. Paul Talk: eBay's Meg Whitman for California Governor

The buzz is it might be Whitman vs. Attorney General Jerry Brown.

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ST. PAUL—The buzz at Republican National Convention is over how former eBay boss Meg Whitman is making the GOP circuits among top strategists and fundraisers as she sizes up the prospect of running for California governor in 2010. While some reports suggest that she's not trying to discourage talk of her run, top McCain associates and fundraisers say she is working hard to get herself ready for a campaign. "Oh, she's going to run," said a long-time McCain ally and California Republican National Convention delegate. "She's working people here," added a McCain fundraiser. Whitman, national co-chair of Sen. John McCain's campaign, was talked about as a vice presidential pick and has wowed Republicans with her political savvy. The Republicans expect her to face California Attorney General Jerry Brown, the former governor whose unusual approach to some issues led critics to dub him Gov. Moonbeam.