Seen and Heard: Huckabee's Plus-Size, MSDNC, Palin's Muffin Man

From the halls and hotels at the convention.

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ST. PAUL - As the Republican National Convention ends tonight, here are a few tidbits heard and seen around the pretty city of St. Paul.

First, the GOP anger at cable TV has grown to new heights as reporters dissect vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Republicans are especially miffed at MSNBC's shouting hosts, so much so that they've given the cable network a new nickname: MSDNC, as in the Democratic National Committee.

Then there's Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas guv, presidential candidate, and author of the hit health book Digging Your Grave With A Knife and Fork. After seeing some recent pictures in which he appeared a bit less thin than when he was running against Sen. John McCain, I asked about his weight gain. Denials rolled in. But when he spoke Wednesday night, it was hard to hide the bulges. An associate assured me: "It's only about 20 pounds." Word is he has been so busy lately, that he hasn't been able to run as much as he used to.

And finally, this story from the hotel the Palin family is staying in. A long-time friend of mine was entering the elevator in the morning when an older gentleman balancing two plates of muffins and coffee hopped in. "Can I help you with those," my pal asked. "No, I'll make it," said the other guy, asking:

"Where are you from." "California," said my friend. "What about you?"

The older gentleman said, "Alaska," to which my pal said, "that's quite a governor you've got up there." The older guy smiled and said, "Yup, that's my daughter!"