Convention Taxi Drivers Assigned to Charm School

Minnesota is taking it's reputation seriously.

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ST. PAUL — Even though residents of the North Star State are already known for treating strangers with heaping doses of "Minnesota Nice," convention organizers were taking no chances - even taxi drivers who wanted to ply their trade during the GOP gathering in St. Paul were required to attend a few hours of charm school. Red and White Co. taxi driver Omar Abdifatah told our Liz Halloran that he spent a mandatory couple hours at the Minneapolis Convention Center recently learning how to be even MORE polite. "They just wanted everybody to go that extra mile," said Abdifatah, a native of Somalia who spent 11 years in Washington, D.C. before moving to the Twin Cities two years ago. "They wanted us to understand the scope of the event, and have us be on our best behavior." Those who attended the session were granted a coveted sticker that allowed out-of-St. Paul taxi drivers to venture over the Mississippi. Taxi inspectors have also been giving taxis the white glove test- "they're taking it really seriously," said Abdifatah, who, inspectors and organizers can be assured, contributed mightily to the state's reputation of "nice."