The Party's On Inside Invesco Field

Fans await Sen. Barack Obama's speech


DENVER—The festive theater inside Invesco Field, where Sen. Barack Obama tonight will accept the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, was already rocking with excitement six hours before he took the stage. Two Franklin County, Va., delegates, Penny Blue, in the blue hat, and Ruby Penn, in the red hat, showed off their new purchases and told me what they expect to hear. Both said that they hope Obama makes note of the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, and Penny said he also has to "stir up his base."

Ruby said she expected Obama to out-orate King. "I expect him to do that and more." The rest of the photos show the field from the outside; your U.S. News team of Robert Schlesinger, Heather McGhee, Liz Halloran, and me; the Obama store; the Obama JumboTron; the placement of flags; and Fox reporter Major Garrett (a former U.S. News staffer) broadcasting from the floor of the stadium.