In Denver, Not Everybody's a Democrat or "Obamacan"

Faking it all week is hard work.


DENVER–Oh, this Democratic Convention can be exhausting for the press and politicos, what with politics all day, parties all night, and schmoozing round the clock. And don't local Republicans know it -about the exhausting part, anyway. Just ask Hanna Warren, 76, a retired Denver lawyer. A Republican, Warren is hosting a Democratic friend from Idaho for the week and has been playing tour guide, Warren told our Liz Halloran at an Emily's List event that featured Hillary Clinton. "It's really exhausting pretending to be a Democrat," she said. For her part, Warren hasn't yet made up her mind who she'll vote for in November. "I know John McCain's positions pretty well, but not Obama's," she said. "I know I can go on his website, but I want to hear him say it." She knows it's old school, but that's how the attorney rolls. And it will take some more information from the man himself before this Republican becomes one of those "Obamacans" the Obama campaign has been touting.