Denver Celebs: Anne Hathaway, Annette Bening

The stars helped debut 14 Women, a movie about female senators.

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Whispers had another difficult day at the Democratic National Convention - hanging out with Annette Bening, Anne Hathaway, Tim Daly, and Arianna Huffington. It was for the debut of 14 Women, a new flick about the 14 women serving in the Senate. It features the sometimes incredible journey the women took to get to the Senate and is meant to inspire young girls to take up public service. "This is a film about empowering young girls to understand that there really is no limit to achieving what they want," said one of the featured senators, Barbara Boxer. The breakfast party was packed and filled with even more celebs, but we couldn't get close enough to take a picture of Susan Sarandon. We did get shots of Bening talking with HuffPost boss Huffington, Bening talking about the movie she narrated and in part won a Spotlight Award from the Creative Coalition for, The Devil Wears Prada star Hathaway, and Daly. Oh, and that's my prized press pass.