Democratic Speakers Better Keep Time—or Else!

The teleprompter and clock is keeping people on time.

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DENVER—One of the little things that seems to be keeping the Democratic National Convention at Pepsi Center in Denver on time is the very large teleprompter and clock right above it. Stationed above the floor crowd at the back of the hall, the words are large enough for the speaker at the podium to see. For each speaker, the words scroll at the pace of the speaker, some fast and some slow. But right above it is a clock that starts with the number of minutes allotted to the speaker. It counts down as the speaker starts. But if the speaker goes over the limit, the clock reverses after hitting 00:00 and a little red light flashes. I've been able to hear speakers speed up after the clock starts ticking off just how much they've gone over their limit. But it did nothing to impact the slow drawl of AFL-CIO Boss John Sweeney Tuesday night who went a record two minutes over.