Carville Airs Worries About Obama Speech Setting and Aggressiveness

Some Democrats worry the venue might not be the best.

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The Rajun Cajun is at it again. Over lunch at the fab Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver, the guy who made Bill Clinton president aired concerns over how Sen. Barack Obama will handle his outdoor speech Thursday night at Invesco Field at Mile High. After hearing stories that the stage looks very ancient Greek, he said, "I want to see this temple thing," he said. Democracy Corps pal, pollster Stan Greenberg, added that he is anxious over how Obama will perform in the huge stadium, how the camera angles will show it and if the whole affair will make Obama look too distant from the crowd. "I'm nervous about the stadium," says Greenberg. "Only a few people can do it." He's right. It's normally a stage reserved only for the Pope or the Rolling Stones. He said some of his concerns are if Obama will be able to "connect with the people." Inside the Pepsi Center, home to the Democratic National Convention, the stage is in a sea of supporters and most camera angles show cheering supporters. That won't be the case at Mile High, some Democrats say. Also, he is concerned that stadiums foster a festive atmosphere, with people doing the wave or tossing balloons and beach balls. Will it distract Obama? We'll see.

The duo also aired a complaint heard often hear about Obama: The campaign isn't focused enough on Sen. John McCain and is playing too nice and is avoiding the harsh words of politics. "Use a little sloganeering," barked Carville. "Every day, every minute should be hitting McCain."