Brad Meltzer Says Obama is a 'Great Hope' and McCain is a 'Dragon Slayer'

In his latest book he draws on his superhero experience.


His well-researched Washington novels have made him a New York Times bestselling author. And now Brad Meltzer is moving into the world of political prognostication. Out September 2 with his latest, The Book of Lies, which weaves together the origin of Superman and the biblical tale of Cain and Abel, Meltzer draws on his superhero expertise to size up the election. "We are a country starving for heroes," he says. He calls Sen. Barack Obama the "great hope who will save us all." Sen. John McCain is the dragon slayer "who took on the bad guys with his bare fists." So, who wins? "Depends who has more kryptonite," Meltzer smirks.