Food Fight at the Democratic Convention

For the most part, the media is treated well in the press tents.


Kudos to most of the media caretakers at the Democratic National Convention who are watching over their very hard working staffs in hot press tents. Here at U.S. News, we share a room with our sister publication the New York Daily News, where our able staff today brought in some yummy chicken and beef fajitas to go with a tub of pretzels and vat of red swizzlers. Here's our web czarina Morgan Felchner dishing up some of those fajitas. Over at Bloomberg, reporters have unlimited supplies of fruit and chips. In the TV tents, guests and staff are met with lavish spreads. But sometimes even sister publications get treated differently.

Take the Boston Globe and New York Times, both owned by the Times and publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. For some reason, competition I guess, the Globe and Times share space next to each other but are separated by a flimsy blue curtain. In the Globe area there are coffee pots and some treats. But when it came to dinner time Monday night, their neighbors at the Times received steam platters full of chow. And to make matters worse in the upper class-lower class relationship between the two papers, the Times chow was placed along the curtains that make up the wall with the Globe.

Some Globe staffers peeked in and one, seeing that the Times got food but his team, shouted in Reaganesque fashion: "Mr.Sulzberger, tear down this curtain."