Undecided Voters Getting Tired Of Obama Change Message

Undecided voters express worries about Obama's lack of experience.

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After spending two hours Sunday with undecided Denver area voters who participated in a focus group hosted by AARP's Divided We Fail campaign, one thing is clear: Voters want more from Sen. Barack Obama than talk of change.

Now they want to hear what Obama wants to do and how he will pay for it. The focus group, conducted by long-time pollster and wordsmith Frank Luntz, found a shift among voters who have yet to pick between Obama and Sen. John McCain. As he polled them, most said that they now put the issue of accountability over change. Luntz's recommendation to both Obama and McCain: Stop asking questions and start answering them.

"They aren't going to be spun by simple platitudes," says Luntz, seen in the picture wearing a red tie. Candidates need to "ask a rhetorical question and answer it."

Luntz showed the group ads from both campaigns, and in the end the undecideds appeared to like the McCain approach more, even including his retort to Obama's slam on the Republican's inability to remember how many homes he owns.

In the end, Luntz says that most undecideds will likely make up their mind during the presidential debates when the candidates finally go up against each other to lay out their presidential plans. "The reality," says Luntz, "is that they've got some kind of hang-up with both of them."