Schumer Calls Ted Kennedy a 'Miracle'

He hopes the Massachusetts Senator will return to the Senate floor.

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In advance of Sen. Ted Kennedy's trip to the floor of the Democratic National Convention Monday night, fellow Sen. Chuck Schumer said he holds out hope that the ailing Massachusetts political giant will make a return to the Senate floor next month. "There's a real chance," says Schumer, just coming from a breakfast with the New York delegation that featured Sen. Hillary Clinton. "He's doing great. It's a miracle - but a miracle we very much need," he told our Liz Halloran. Kennedy, who is suffering from brain cancer, will be honored tonight at the convention. Kennedy is in Denver, it's not known whether he will take the stage, where his niece, Caroline, will introduce a video tribute to her uncle.

And, oh, during that Clinton-Schumer visit with their state delegation this morning, we're told that Hillary took offense to Sen. John McCain featuring her criticism of Sen. Barack Obama in a new TV ad, a delegate told us. "I'm Hillary Clinton," she said to hoots and laughter, "and I didn't approve this ad."