Petraeus Outranks Physical Training Uniform

While troops struggle, the general gets to wear his own comfy outfit.

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More complaints on the military fashion front. This time, it's the gym, or physical training, uniform Air Force troops must wear in Afghanistan and Iraq when out of their official uniform. Seems the PT uniforms have a lining that's too tight, something an ongoing redesign might fix. So, the airmen and women wear shorts a couple of sizes bigger to give them the baggy feel. The result isn't a good one: When troops are running, the larger suits chafe their inner thighs to the point of bleeding, troops tell Whispers. And now it has become a rank thing that's irking the troops. While they can get busted for being out of uniform, it turns out that war boss Gen. David Petraeus, a dedicated runner, wears comfy civvies for his workouts. But we can cut him some slackā€”at least he wears logo-embossed T-shirts of various units under him. "The focus should be on getting a good workout," says spokesman Col. Steven Boylan.