Hillary Clinton or Cindy McCain? Whatever—It's Still Funny

Clinton impersonator Rosemary Watson didn't panic when the senator lost. She morphed into Cindy McCain.

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What's a female political impersonator and comedian supposed to do when her bread and butter—Sen. Hillary Clinton—drops out of the presidential race? Rosemary Watson moved to the next logical political star: Cindy McCain. "It wasn't easy at all," Watson says. "To go from a size 10 to a zero took hours of training a day. Fortunately, though, as Cindy Hensley McCain, I have more money and more time than Hillary, so it was achievable," she jokes to our Suzi Parker. Impersonating McCain is different from impersonating Clinton, says Watson, because Cindy is more of a mystery woman. "Eight out of the 10 comments I get about Cindy start off with, 'Well, I don't really know her that well and don't know what she sounds like. . . .' So right there my job is made easier. Obviously, I want the impersonation to be a true as possible, but at least at this point in the game, it doesn't have to be as spot-on to work." But then there's the wardrobe, and materials like leather. "As a longtime vegetarian, I don't really love wearing leather, but . . . with Cindy, I am probably going to have to put my morals aside and buy some cow at some point," she says. "She's got a lot of leather coats, but that's OK. There is room in my closet right next to my blue pantsuit and matching beads."

Watson says that she misses having the chance to be "President Hillary" but finds that her Hillary is still in demand. And she expects to play a side role at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Check out Watson's latest videos.