McCain's Poll Stability Boosts GOP Morale

The Republicans are happy again because of consistent poll numbers.

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The apparent stability of Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign, the candidate's ability to stay close to foe Sen. Barack Obama in the polls, and better than expected fundraising have all combined to boost Republican Party morale. "We feel a lot better than before," a key party aide tells Whispers. "Our morale is much better and I think we're getting our fighting game back on." Party officials agree that morale was in the dumps after McCain for a second time shook up his campaign and also as the press was fawning over Obama. But insiders credit Steve Schmidt and his aggressive "celebrity" ad campaign with breathing new life back into the GOP. Also, party officials tell us, the Republican National Committee and the McCain campaign will be announcing better-than-expected fundraising numbers soon, something they call proof that the party faithful are also back in the game.