Why McCain Went Negative

Polls show the election is about Obama, not McCain.

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Didn't like Sen. John McCain's "Celebrity" ad featuring snapshots of Paris and Britney? Sorry. It's probably just the beginning of a long, negative campaign. And here's the reason, according to our friends at the Quinnipiac University Poll: "This election is about Sen. Barack Obama, not that Senator McCain is not an important figure. But Senator Obama is either going to win or lose because Americans are going to decide that he can sit in the Oval Office and that he's able to do it. And clearly a myriad of polls are showing that Americans are skeptical," says assistant director Peter Brown. "From Senator McCain's point of view, he has no choice if he wants to win but to convince the American people that Senator Obama is not fit to be president of the United States, and you don't do that running a positive campaign."