Republicans, Not Democrats, are the Whine-Os

A Gallup poll finds Republicans name wine as their favorite drink more than Democrats.

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Republicans who cast themselves as the rugged whiskey-drinking pistoleers dueling brie-and-Chablis liberals had better take a good look in the mirror. Gallup finds that Republicans are more apt to name wine as their fave alcoholic beverage by a robust 10 percentage points. Grapes are preferred by 37 percent of Republicans compared with 27 percent of Democrats. And while both sides like beer evenly at 41 percent, it is the Democrats who prefer a Jack and Coke more. When asked, "Do you most often drink liquor, wine, or beer?" 17 percent of Republicans chose liquor versus 26 percent of Democrats, verifying that Sen. Hillary Clinton really was playing to her base when she threw back that shot of Crown Royal during the primaries.