A Prayer Book from Bush's Cabinet

Aides have a new project - pull together the prayers from Cabinet heads.

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It has been a standard at every Bush cabinet meeting: One of the president's cabinet heads offers a prayer to begin the session. But something that Attorney General Michael Mukasey said at the last meeting wowed President Bush. So much so, say aides, that they have a new project—pull together a book of cabinet prayers. "Attorney General Mukasey gave a wonderful opening prayer that really struck the president, and [Bush] noted that a number of cabinet members over the years have opened these meetings with strong words of faith," says Bush spokesman Tony Fratto. "He thought it would be a nice idea to try to collect them in some sort of book for everyone to have," Fratto tells us. Now, public affairs aides in the 19 cabinet-level agencies are on the hunt for those special words. But it may be easier said than done. It's unclear if cabinet secretaries spoke off the cuff or wrote their prayers down—and saved them if they did. "That's typical Bush," says a former Bushie who worked on the faith-based initiative. "If something inspires him, he wants to share that." Adds Fratto: "It was a nice idea by the president."