To Democrats, McCain's Potential Vice Presidents Are the 7 Dwarfs

The Democrats "Next Cheney" site slams all of those on McCain's potential No. 2 list.

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Jumping the gun on Sen. John McCain, the Democratic National Committee has singled out the Republican's rumored top seven potential vice presidential picks on a new website designed to highlight just how close to current Vice President Dick Cheney they are. "It doesn't matter who he picks," says DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse. "They are cut from the same cloth" as Cheney.

Woodhouse didn't exactly say it, but the party is depicting the potential veeps as Cheney's seven dwarfs. The effort will expand and contract, depending on indications of whom McCain is leaning toward, and Woodhouse said that the DNC will also take its campaign to the home states of the seven.

The DNC paints a negative portrait of the seven with these statements about each potential veep:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty: "Dick Cheney handpicked Pawlenty as Minnesota's next governor in 2001. Learn about Pawlenty's ethics violations."

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist: "Crist has an impressive resume of questionable ethics and shady dealings, just like his hero George Bush."

Mitt Romney: "Romney changed his positions on immigration and Social Security to match Bush and Cheney's."

South Dakota Sen. John Thune: "Bush campaigned for Thune, Thune votes with Bush 84% of the time."

GOP aide Carly Fiorina: "Fiorina called the overseas out-sourcing of American jobs 'right-shoring.' Learn more about why she got thrown out as CEO of Hewlett-Packard."

Federal Express chief Fred Smith: "As CEO of FedEx, Smith has a grasp on reality rivaled only by Bush and Cheney."

Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor: "Cantor votes with Bush, Cheney, and the Republicans over 90% of the time. Learn more about his ties to [convicted lobbyist] Jack Abramoff."