Tim Russert Lives on Facebook

Tim Russert's Facebook fan club is working overtime to keep his spirit alive.

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It has been seven weeks since Meet the Press moderator and NBC Washington Bureau Chief Tim Russert died, but his fans are still checking in to his Facebook page and writing daily on his "wall," the site's chalkboard. "We always remember you, Tim!! Thank you so much for all your dedicated work in this world!! R.I.P.," wrote Lisa Barfoot on August 1. "Was just thinking today how much I miss you (even though I didn't know you personally!)," wrote Julie White Brown today. Others have penned notes about his wife and son, Luke, just hired as an NBC correspondent. The daily notes are a touching footnote to the journalist's life and an indication that he was more than just a TV news show host. With 74,892 "fans"—and growing—of his Facebook page, Russert remains one of the most popular on the social networking site. In fact, in just five minutes of viewing Russert's site today, four more fans were added to his list—including Whispers.

On his page, there is no indication of his June 13 death. His biography hasn't changed, and the content he entered is still up. However, this is the note under his "Mini-Feed" tab where he would update his page: "There is no recent activity."