Who'd Get the Top Cabinet Jobs for President Obama?

He's being treated like the president already, so we ask insiders who would get top Obama cabinet jobs.

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Yeah, yeah, he first has to win the presidency, but there's lots of buzz about whom Sen. Barack Obama might pick for his top cabinet jobs. Among them: Sen. Hillary Clinton as head of Health and Human Services. Her allies suggest she might be interested if the job were elevated to the top tier of agencies and if she were allowed to push healthcare reform. Other names: Sen. John Kerry as secretary of state, former Sen. Tom Daschle as White House chief of staff, former Clinton Commerce Secretary William Daley to head Treasury, and exiting Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel at Defense. Obama associates insist that they are not studying the cabinet puzzle yet, but with the media and his supporters treating him like the president already, can naming a cabinet be far behind? As for his ongoing search for a vice presidential nominee, there is nothing new to add other than that supporters of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson want his name in the mix.