Media Loves the Republican and Democratic Conventions

Applications to cover the conventions are up 40 percent.


The media seem to believe all their hype that this looks to be a presidential election for the record books. Applications to cover the conventions—Democrats in Denver and Republicans in Minneapolis-St. Paul—are up 40 percent. Not too surprisingly, the Democratic National Convention is garnering the most requests (even Maxim and Playboy want in), making hotel rooms and rental cars even harder to find in the Mile-High City. Still, despite the excitement of a race between Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama, not every activist is gearing up to party. Take lobbyists and fundraisers. Rules have many staying home, prompting hotel catering managers and restaurant owners normally booked months before conventions to beg for business. For example, the landmark Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis E-mailed previous customers: "I have some space available for some of our special clients . . . please let me know if you are planning anything in this area."