A Kennedy Endorsement for Jeweler Ann Hand

Ethel Kennedy sports an Obama 2008 pin at her daughter's documentary screening.


Who was spotted last night wearing one of those presidential Ann Hand rhinestone pins that we've been tallying? None other than Ethel Kennedy, sporting an "Obama 2008" pin at the screening of daughter Rory's new HBO documentary, Thank You, Mr. President: Helen Thomas at the White House , at the National Press Club. "I love it," she gushed, telling our Nikki Schwab that her sparkly Obama pin was a gift but was indeed an Ann Hand original. And she obviously knows Hand's work, rattling off the two Washington locations of Hand's jewelry stores.

Still, she was surprised when told that the Georgetown jeweler made "McCain 2008" pins as well. And while they are selling at a good pace by comparison with Obama's, it's not surprising that she was unaware of the McCain rhinestone pin. The current daily tally of pins sold is: Obama 1,944-McCain 647.