Big Day: Al Gore Friends Us on Facebook

The former VP tells Facebook he goes natural in the bathroom—that is, he dries his hands naturally.

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We didn't see this coming: Former Vice President Al Gore friended us on Facebook today. You know the E-mail: "Albert confirmed you as a friend on Facebook." Don't recall asking to friend him, but it's cool that he agreed anyway. Naturally, we headed right for his page and discovered that he's even more of a greenie than originally thought. About halfway down his page, he declares just how green his is, adding the "Leaves" feature to detail specific ways he lives an environmentally perfect life. Among the highlights: "In public restrooms, I dry my hands naturally by using only time." OK. Or: "I hand dry my laundry." Doesn't seem right that a former veep has to do his own laundry, but whatever. Or something that should win the praise of family farms: "I eat one locally-sourced meal a week." And it's probably leaves, veggies, and fruits because he's now a declared vegan. Off his page, here are Gore's Leaves:

I carry a mug for drinks I buy to go.

I recycle, even when it is not convenient.
I do not use any chemicals in my yard.
I ride/walk more than drive.
I don't buy disposable plates/utensils.
I am vegan.
Most of my light bulbs are compact fluorescents.
In public restrooms, I dry my hands naturally by using only time.
I hang dry my laundry.
I eat one locally sourced meal a week.
When I drive, it's over 40 mpg baby.
I eat only free range, sustainable animal products.
I do not own any personal motorized watercraft, aircraft, or a Hummer.
I do not shop except for essentials.
I own some second-hand / re-use clothing.