A Plea From Obama's Biggest Berlin Fan

A young fan wants to give Obama gifts for his daughters.

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It's a story you'd think the Obama campaign would embrace, and tomorrow we find out if it did. Little Josie Montgomery, who is of mixed race just like Sen. Barack Obama, has been trying to set up a meeting in Berlin so she can give him gifts for his daughters. Obama speaks in Berlin tomorrow as part of his foreign policy coming out. "We have heard that the campaign is very aware of Josie," dad Reggie Montgomery E-mails from Germany to our Suzi Parker. "Literally thousands of E-mails have been sent by Obama supporters from all over to HQ and various other individuals associated with the campaign. However, we have been told that since this is not a normal campaign event that no promises could be made but that we should definitely come and by all means to bring the gifts along."

Her story is a simple one. As a mixed-race kid, she looks up to Obama and wants to meet him. Reggie says that he was responsible for his daughter's finding out about Obama. But, he says, "Josie decides for herself who she likes and dislikes, and she was immediately drawn to Senator Obama. She likes how he speaks and thinks he has a nice smile. She also likes that someone brown like her has a chance to be president." Reggie says that Josie wants to give Obama's daughter Malia a soccer T-shirt because Malia plays soccer. "For Sasha a wonderful stuffed dog that she says can keep her company until Barack and Michelle get her the real one. She did this all with her own money," Reggie writes. And if she doesn't meet the Democratic presidential candidate tomorrow, she apparently won't give up, says her dad. "She really wants the girls to have these gifts. It means a lot to her."