General Conway Loves His Dog

Conway wishes the mascot Sgt. Chesty XII good luck in civilian life.


The commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps has weighed in on the retirement of mascot Sgt. Chesty XII, and it's clear he'll miss the old guy. But Gen. James T. Conway tells us he has high hopes for XII's replacement, Pvt. Chesty XIII. The general checked in with us just as we went to press with our earlier Whisper about Chesty's retirement. So, here's his first comment on the occasion: "To Chesty XII, I wish you a long and happy retirement," he says. "Remember that once a marine, always a marine." And the general joked that "I know you'll return to civilian society better for having served. Please, no calls from the postmaster--leave the mailman alone."

The general, who owns his own dog, a yellow Lab named Mac, also had good words for the incoming Marine Corps mascot. "Chesty XIII, you've got big paw prints to fill, but you're a marine, so I know you'll measure up." OoRah!