Exclusive Poll: Jackie Kennedy, Not Hillary Clinton, Is the Best First Lady

Jackie tops a list of first ladies as the best example for the next presidential wife to follow.

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In our first Whispers poll, Jacqueline Kennedy tops a list of four former first ladies as the model Americans hope the next presidential wife will follow. Nearly 36 percent of those polled by our partner Synovate-eNation made Jackie their top pick for the best model either Cindy McCain or Michelle Obama should follow. And when asked which soon-to-be presidential wife would be the best first lady, the nation was virtually split, with 50.8 percent choosing McCain and 49.2 percent choosing Obama.

When asked who was the best first lady model, the country is obviously split between favoring an activist like Eleanor Roosevelt or Hillary Clinton and choosing a traditionalist like Jackie or Laura Bush. After Jackie at 35.8 percent, Roosevelt came in at 28.4 percent, Bush at 20.8 percent, and Clinton at just 15 percent.

The news was especially harsh for Clinton. When Synovate-eNation broke the figures down, Clinton bombed among women and those 45 years old or older.

We will be publishing our Whispers polls about every other week, so stay tuned for our next topic. And check out the Synovate site to review how the polls are done.