Holy Cow: Costas as the Next Russert?

Some think Olympics host Bob Costas would be best to replace Tim Russert on Meet the Press


As the NBC peacock spreads its wings even further to search for a new Meet the Press host to replace the late Tim Russert, the name of Olympics host and storied sportscaster Bob Costas has surfaced. TV executives, noting his steady and unbiased presentation of sports and news when he fills in for Larry King on CNN, say that he's got just the right temperament and approach for the Sunday newsmaker show. We are hearing this directly from somebody who knew Russert well and held top jobs in network TV news. Asked by our Liz Halloran whom he'd recommend to replace Russert, the exec said that he "wouldn't think twice—Bob Costas. He'd be terrific, spectacular."

It's not a stretch to see Costas in the chair. When he first sat in King's chair, for example, there was lots of talk that CNN was grooming him to be King's successor. Meanwhile, other TV execs still say that White House correspondent David Gregory has the inside track to anchor the show that Tom Brokaw is babysitting until after the election.