Planned Parenthood Pushes Back On Ministers' Claims

The organization says its funds don't go to specific candidates.


Within an hour of our posting yesterday about a group of African-American ministers planning to protest at Democratic and Republican headquarters and demand that candidates refuse to accept Planned Parenthood donations, the abortion rights group denied that its $10 million election fund was going to specific candidates. "Regarding our $10 million campaign, it's more accurate to say it's a grass-roots effort to educate voters on women's health issues and bring 1 million pro-choice and pro-women's healthcare voters to the polls," says spokesman Tait Sye. In their release, the black ministers said that they want to force candidates to refuse Planned Parenthood money because racist donors could ask that it be spend only on abortions for blacks. Says Sye, "That money is not going to fund candidates. It's for voter education and outreach." He included this press release about the program.