Don't Blame Biofuels for High Chicken Prices

The industry that turns corn into fuel is rejecting claims that it's to blame for higher food prices.

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It's a smear against corn farmers, they say. So the New Fuels Alliance and are mounting a campaign to push back on charges in the media and on Capitol Hill that biofuels that use corn and other agricultural products are the reason food prices are up. "The biggest reason food prices are through the roof is because gas prices are through the roof," says Brook Coleman of New Fuels. Is it a vicious circle? Well, sure, but Coleman is working overtime to get everyone to stop pointing at farmers. So today the groups unveiled a website and posted a typical July 4th menu that suggests other reasons are to blame for higher supermarket prices. Take the skyrocketing price of chicken. We all see it, and Coleman also says we see the reason: Gas prices are high, and chicken is shipped in from rural states. Fruit prices are up, but not because apples are going into our gas tanks. Coleman cites a shrinking labor force and higher diesel prices. Read the campaign's release to Washington Whispers here.

Congress has raised some questions about the impact of biofuels on consumer food bills, so in response, the website is hosting lawmakers and their aides at a picnic tonight to spell out the benefits of making gas out of corn.