Can Congress Save the Little Honey Bee?

The House looks to figure out what's making bees disappear with the help of Burt's Bees and Häagen Dazs.

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The House this week joins the Senate in considering the plight of the tiny honey bee. In advance of a House hearing on the status of colony collapse disorder, the name given to the disappearing bee syndrome, some 21 House and Senate Democrats and Republicans will join Burt's Bees and Häagen Dazs Wednesday at a conference to air the problems facing the bee. Right smack in the middle of National Pollinator Week, the event on Capitol Hill will feature lawmakers interested in the bee, like Sen. Hillary Clinton and House Agriculture Committee's Rep. Dennis Cardoza, the nation's bee man, the Agriculture Department's Jeff Pettis, and supporters from Häagen Dazs and Burt's Bees. Afterward, Häagen Dazs's new vanilla honey bee ice cream will be served and Burt's "Help Honey Bees" lip balm will be offered.

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