Two pictures of George H.W. and Barbara Bush's New Grill

The former president is a grilling enthusiast, and this is his special stainless grill.

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We told you recently that former President Bush is a big fan of Houston's Pitts & Spitts custom barbecue makers. He loves their grills and smokers—even shops for them himself—and sometimes stops in to buy rubs and sauces.

Well, the gang in Houston just E-mailed us some pictures of the president and wife Barbara with the special salt-air-proof stainless grill they made for Bush's oceanfront Kennebunkport, Maine, summer home. Bush dubs it "Grilling by the Sea," and he looks mighty comfy on his deck standing with the grill and nearby cooler, probably filled with Miller Lite.

We suggest that because I remember being at a Bush barbecue while covering his presidency where he drank one can of Lite and had another in his fishing coat.

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