Obama Sells Out; McCain Second, Clinton Third in Bobblehead Sales

Our Obama bobblehead has sold out, prompting the maker, webobble.com, to work on a new one for fall.

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If sales of our Capitol Bobbleheads is any indication, then Sen. Barack Obama could have the fall presidential election wrapped up. Our friends at webobble.com, who made the Capitol Bobbles team and sell them on their site, say that Obama has sold out. "This may predict the election," says WeBobbles' Jeff Wolsky. Sen. John McCain's bobblehead was the second percentage sales leader, with 98 percent of his sold off. Sen. Hillary Clinton was third, with 72 percent of her bobble images sold. But the numbers are different: WeBobbles made 1,200 each of Clinton and Obama and just 250 of McCain. The surprise in sales: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who beat out the other House and Senate leadership biggies. The biggest flop: Rudy Giuliani who sold just 18 percent of the 250 made. Check out the official sales figures below.

NameStock TotalTotal SoldTotal LeftPercentage SoldBarack Obama1,2001,2000100.00%John McCain250246498.40%Hillary Clinton1,20086433672.00%Mike Huckabee1501044669.33%Mitt Romney100683268.00%Fred Thompson100554555.00%John Edwards100485248.00%Bill Richardson100366436.00%Nancy Pelosi100287228.00%Chris Dodd100227822.00%Rudy Giuliani2504620418.40%Mitch McConnell100158515.00%Joe Biden100138713.00%Harry Reid100109010.00%John Boehner1008928.00%TOTALS:405027631287