Rove, McCain, and Obama Are Part of Wallace’s History In Pictures

Fox News’s Chris Wallace collects autographs from his guests.

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Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace has a wonderful collection of political autographs, each with their own bit of news. Our Whisper below describes how he got into collecting them and shows you three examples of his best samples.

Former Bush adviser Karl Rove, now a Fox commentator, was initially wary of going on news shows but finally agreed to appear on Wallace's show. With his signature, he noted that he had fun and drew pictures of himself and Wallace.

John McCain has appeared at least three times and in this entry he messes up the spelling of interrogation and scratches it out with a funny note blaming a "staff error."

For some 772 days, Wallace noted that Sen. Barack Obama had refused to go on his show. When Obama finally did, he promised in his note to the Fox host that he'd be back before another 772 days pass.