Bush 41, the Daddy of Barbecue


Family picnics at his Houston or Kennebunkport, Maine, homes often have former President Bush in an apron hovering over a grill, and now we can tell you what he barbecues on. "He's been our customer since the 1990s," brags George Shore of Houston's Pitt's & Spitt's, the maker of custom smokers and grills. Their relationship started with a smoker and then flared up once Bush started to use its spices and rubs. "He buys three types: our ultimate barbecue, our all-purpose, and our fajita mix," says Shore. Then when the nation's 41st president called to have some new grates made for an old, rusty grill at his seaside Maine home, the company told him about its top line of stainless grills. He came in and ordered his own $5,000 version and followed it up with a nice note of thanks. "He's a great guy," says Shore. "They don't make 'em like that anymore."