2008 Veepstakes: Who and Why


Trial balloons of possible Democratic and Republican vice presidential candidates are choking Washington's skies now that the primaries are over. Most we've heard before, but some are new and moving up the lists. For example, there's some talk that Sen. Barack Obama, should he ignore Sen. Hillary Clinton's pleas, would consider former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, his ardent South Dakota backer and master of Congress, and Republican and former Secretary of State Colin Powell among others long talked about. And Republican Sen. John McCain is being urged to pick a woman or minority. Like: Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, newly minted Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, or exiting New Mexico Rep. Heather Wilson, an Air Force vet. The thinking: The GOP ticket needs some history-making angle too. As for picking strategies, Obama is being urged to choose somebody who can attract women, older voters, and blue-collar workers. McCain's focus is on youth, smarts, and key regions, like the South or Midwest.

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